Spitfire19 Spitfire19 Artist

Awesome :)

doniobina doniobina Artist from Philippines

nice illo…really good +1

maxt maxt Artist from Indonesia

little good,,, but it’s hard hair color, what about

lol i dont get what your saying?

DominoPark DominoPark Artist


Munkeyfu Munkeyfu Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

Good design, don’t know that I’d wear it myself, but I do think it deserves being made into a shirt. Very well done, great color, great illustration. +1

If you get a chance…


Renato Renato Artist

very cool +1

Sidoneon Sidoneon Artist

nice one :)

free_agent08 free_agent08 Artist from Philippines

Love the anime look.. voted!

GraySource GraySource Artist

Really nice! Love the colors.This one gets my vote. :)

qimstudio qimstudio Artist from Selangor, Malaysia

waa….so cute! kawaii…..+1

the colors of the hair and the black headfones was really nice :)

angello5 angello5 Artist

very nice! +1

newsamateur newsamateur Artist

Good! :)

sirdrakey sirdrakey Human

her face has that moment before expression is she happy will she be sad and you just wait! very nice!

mogsdpogs mogsdpogs Artist from Philippines

like the colors! nice work! +1

xhe92 xhe92 Artist


check out mine.. and let me know what you think!!




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