xantara xantara Human from Australia

Is there any way to avoid getting duplicates of shirts i already own? I have quite a few DBH shirts and would rather avoid dupes if possible.

Goat_187 Goat_187 Human

Would like to know more information as to how they will be picked.

Just hoping this is not a way to get rid of old over-stock. :/

Question: Is there any way to avoid getting a T-shirt I already own? Would your staff at least look at my purchase history, or take a list of shirts I own? I would not want to get a double of a shirt I have already purchased, as that is just a waste of my money.

finch2 finch2 Human
roelke99 said: all they are doing is sending out ts that they have laying around. They wont send out any ts that are cool or popular.

Bit of a clue there that size M has sold out when theres plenty of new /popular designs still with Ms for sale

Random shirt and men’s M sold out.
Not so random. ;P

Well, so much for the 18 bucks I was going to spend.

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

I predict I’m going to get this one:
and this one: http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/detail/6220

I hope I’m wrong.

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