Not to be negative, just some constructive criticism, but this didnt take any effort at all. You used two brushes, the target brush and then a splatter brush over it. It probaly took 30 sec to make this. Just try to get more creative like your other designs.

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France

True enough, true also is that those thirty seconds can have a nice outcome…+1

Larvin11 Larvin11 Artist from United States

I think it would look better if it was off center, but ya, it looks cool! Nice job :)

Etnic0 Etnic0 Artist

Its simple, easy, but really, really cool. I want to wear this.

Thanks guys! thats exactly what i was going for!

I think the splatter is overkill but it’s a fresh take and hue on the whole target concept. I could find myself wearing this, because it is simple and has a nice color.

nice work… +1
examine and vote for my work

NealSoper NealSoper Human

I agree, i think it would look better off center. but its a cool design

maraelisa maraelisa Artist

YEAH! COOL ILLO ........voted!
check mine out!

hawee.b hawee.b Artist from Bangkok, Thailand


rejagalu rejagalu Artist from Surabaya, Indonesia

still nice..+1

Lukey Lukey Artist from Queensland, Australia

It’s great. Yeah it’s simple and prob took 30 secs but you got a great outcome in that short period of time. It’s a very calming shirt to look at. Not everyone wants to wear shirts that are crazy busy with detail. I personally do but I still think this is cool.

dfurman dfurman Artist

great! i want it

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