That’s beautiful

gkoelle gkoelle Human

vote for chris…....he really needs to win and deserves to win…..

Hope you win!=)

mikec mikec Human

this is awesome. posted about it at http://www.thedailytee.com/

suec suec Human

sxtraordinaire!! good job, chris.

jetski5 jetski5 Human


Agape Agape Human

Truly Moving- betcha it would be a spiritual experience just to try one on !!

guido27 guido27 Human

yep, what that guy said

Davidko19 Davidko19 Human

these comments are a little overboard – chronlogically numbered. Someone is stuffing the comments. But its a cool shirt, I bought it. Not an everyday piece though.

tithe tithe Human

It’s a purchase.

niangelo niangelo Human

Mine’s in the mail. Fantastic design.

tmoney tmoney Human

This shirt is insperational!!!!!! I would love to wear it. It would make me feel like I was protected by angels. This designer should win this contest.

benco2003 benco2003 Human



nwynn nwynn Human

Just bought the shirt and can’t wait for the mailman to bring it to me! I love your artwork!

jaimz jaimz Artist

some of the comments above are really…. false to me.

Steven Steven Artist

nice one, congrats dude!

Penelope Penelope Human

This shirt looks really really cool when it’s on! I love.

Nice job, Chris! I’m going to buy the girly one tomorrow and then tell everyone that my cousin is a genius!


jsligh jsligh Human

when will you know if you won?

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