St.royal St.royal Artist

I like the grey version….but not a fan of the humans in it…...can you takr out the humans? they dont match with the robot…..great design

Sick!! You got my vote! =)

I actually like it in the one colour version. Nicely done.

sergio37 sergio37 Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina

1 color vesion is so awesome

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

wohooo…awesome! love the two colors!


awesome, might like it better on a lighter color shirt though, voted

Karu Karu Human

Very cool. Looks good in both gray scale and color. Very interesting also, the robot only has one arm :] I’m curious… What is inside the red part?

I prefer the grayscale option…

Pakpandir Pakpandir Artist

+1 makes 100! Awesome work mate!

kyleidoscope kyleidoscope Artist from NSW, Australia

wooohoo 100! Thanks everyone

Jestik Jestik Human

cool – love the robot!

talmyste talmyste Human from United Kingdom

100+ votes already!? yikes

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


gustavo gustavo Artist from Brazil

Great +1

nicksimon nicksimon Artist

colorway on the right is sick

broady broady Human

Robots are awesome.

artr artr Human

not sure about that blue, seems a bit bright for the rawness of the robot. other than that love it!

aaaandy aaaandy Human

Personally I love the actual line-art but in terms of colour, I think the grey works better than the blue. Also, this may just be my own preference but I don’t like my shirts entirely covered by the print so perhaps a smaller print size may look nice? Having said that – awesome robot! :D

whitesugar whitesugar Artist

sick design…great +1

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