He went extinct for your sins.

hahaha, yes!

Enorme! +1

aspartame aspartame Artist

ridiculous, compositions pretty original. +1

I would love to rock this +1

Ginger_Kidd Ginger_Kidd Artist

This would cool but everything on here is just vector images from a bundle pack, not very original..

Although you do bring up a valid point Mr. Kidd, I must also conjure up a slight retort to your comment. As it is true, these are vectors from various resources (acquisitioned through American legal tender) the arrangement of the composition is where the originality is found. I will post some of my artwork to display my other talents. Thank you for your comment though.

vintz vintz Artist from France

crazy tee!!+1

I really do not love the colors. The red and cyan really make me want to look away.

ginger- you have to remember art builds on its self.. though barbarian did use stock images whos to say 99% of the other people on here are not doing the same exact thing.. probably you just dont notice it as much.. but most of the tees being sold on here are all rips from images found and clip art tweaked.. just something you are going to have to get used to.. beacause I am willing to bet my t-shirts of my paintings wont ever win, but if i was to vector trace a few machine guns and put them in the arms of some vector traced kids on the playground I would win.. its all in the creativity and relating to the audience.. be it most people here want to see what they are used too with a twist like this raptor priest..

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Well, this is something I wouldn’t actually wear, but, it could look good as a wall print or something like that.

I like the composition, it is simetrical and well balanced. I’m not very sure about the sea creatures and the scubba diver, but I do like the bird sillouhetes merging with the “water”. I would’ve done the lines behind the Raptor Jesus A little more bright, like more splendorous or somethign like that. Maybe lighter colors? I dunno…

I do, actaully use stock vectors from time to time but, I think it’s not just about downloading them and arrange them in the design in an “original” way, it’s more than that, stock vectors should be used only to build up your original concept.

Either way, I think this piece has a strong potential. Got my vote.

Munkeyfu Munkeyfu Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

I do love how over the top rediculous this is, however, it might be a little much for a shirt. I don’t know though, I would love to see this printed, whether or not you used stock vectors. I haven’t used any for any of my t-shirt designs (mainly because I’ve yet to find any need for them), but when I’m doing ad design, it makes things easier, so who the hell cares. +1

Check out my design if you like rediculous…


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