StormyLL StormyLL Human

I like them both, the b&w is more striking +1

uziemperado uziemperado Artist from Philippines

Voted. It’s a wonderful illustration, but i prefer the green one as a shirt.

tavutactac tavutactac Artist from France

Nice illustration +1

I would wear that everywhere.

rejagalu rejagalu Artist from Surabaya, Indonesia

the girl version of course!
very great illo style from you
+1 for sure!

surfistinha surfistinha Artist from Brazil

great +1 !!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

talented!! +1

RebelsArt RebelsArt Artist

Excellent voted!

DivineAna DivineAna Human

WANT. So badly. This shirt depicts my hopes and dreams.

whitesugar whitesugar Artist


Osose32 Osose32 Artist

Definitely the colored version. IMO looks great on a tee. +1

Vipatt Vipatt Human
7sixes said: I like it…. but i dont know how it works on a shirt….


+ 1 for the green one :)

maraelisa maraelisa Artist

check mine out!

guiniou guiniou Human

really beautiful! but for me, his better place is in a comic strip. Sorry, it’s very very nice!

amalia_k amalia_k Artist

GORGEOUSSSS!!! Got my vote!

Come see mine! (^___^)

Cool set of t-shirts for a cute couple.

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