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this is nice but sorry i’m not a fan of vector or live traced planes and rays brushes.

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hm. you can’t see it on the photos but this shirt has a swastika on the german airplane’s tail unit / on the right arm. i don’t know about the u.s., but in germany (where i live), wearing something like this constitutes a criminal offense. so maybe when you reprint it, you could leave out the swastika? or give a warning somewhere in the description? thank you!

Its historically relevant to that particular plane, German Messerschmitt’s pretty much all had that, I still see them on remade or kit planes at airshows so they still look original or genuine, its not an endorsement, but maybe its a cultural difference, It just seems odd, we have German planes in our air museums and from what you are saying is it would be illegal in Germany so what do they do in Germany erase your history from the books from 1914 to 1945?

Oh yeah it made me curious to so I looked up model airplanes and the ones for little kids come painted like that already, even the paper ones, so its not a thing in the U.S. as we look at it as being historically accurate

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of course swastikas are not erased from history books, history museums, etc. historical accuracy is a very important issue in german education, maybe even more so than in the u.s. ...
it is not allowed to display or publicly distribute swastikas, with the exception of purposes like education, history, research, or prevention of neonazi tentencies. publicly wearing a tshirt with a swastika on it however does not fulfil any of these pruposes.
i’m sorry, my english reaches its limits here, so i hope that you understand my explanation.

medium reprint

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L size reprint, please

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