penlandB penlandB Human


veezy82 veezy82 Human

badASS design!!

angc68 angc68 Human

love it! :)

cam1011 cam1011 Human

way cool!

veezy82 veezy82 Human

badASS design

apenland apenland Human


nickd5930 nickd5930 Human


love it

Mymil Mymil Human

It looks like a bunch of elements from various vector packs thrown together. Please don’t take offense if this is not in fact the case.

lifeofcb lifeofcb Human

so how do i sign up for the monthly shirts designs from this user — great work awesome design

would love to have it as a patch on the back of my biker vest

lizziw08 lizziw08 Human

This design rocks! Amazing job!

great for a guy tee I guess

Dara Dara Artist

a7x? haha

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