yeah! cool placement

I love the concept and colors! I think you could lose the sparkle thing in the center, but otherwise very well done +1

chrismarkg chrismarkg Artist

tnx for the vote…

HtwoH HtwoH Human

Voted. Very nice man, and I dunno, I say keep the spark. you don’t see too many shirts with that kind of highlighting. Keep it up bro

chrismarkg chrismarkg Artist

tnx for the comment.

febrifb febrifb Artist

i think its nice…n should get more vote…i hope this one winz

chrismarkg chrismarkg Artist

tnx feb

Like the design, composition, color & the star. It really helps balence the dark

the lens flare thing is bothering me, I think it’d be just as strong without that

chrismarkg chrismarkg Artist

check this one guys.

tnx for all your comments

colorfull colorfull Artist

cool design!
may you check my first design here:


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