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man, this made me laugh, like, I actually lol’d.
Congrats man, looks like you deserve it.

It made me laugh when I saw it, I like it! :D

Fair enough…I still say it sticks out like a sore thumb in the list of T-Shirts, but at least people can now get it on a quality t-shirt. The TeeFury shirts are crappy.

It’s not breaking DBH’s rules, Teefury is a sister company, it’s allowed.

If you don’t like the shirt or that it’s pop culture influenced, oh well, buy a different shirt it’s not the end of the world. DBH can’t please EVERYONE, you’re bound to not like a shirt every now and then, and that’s fine.

Personally I think it’s weird that people have this aversion to pop culture related things, or deem them as not “artsy”. To me, art is art. A good concept is a good concept. Whether it’s based on pop culture or not seems irrelevant to me. Judge the designs based on their own merits, not by some arbitrary hang up you have with certain subject matter, that’s your fault not the artists’. That’s my 2 cents.

i like this shirt a lot. i think it’s awesome that you were able to get the most out of your design by subbing it here and on teefury. kudos. i like a lot of pop art. andy warhol was actually one of my favorite artists, though i can’t really explain why. something about his work is just really visually appealing to me, and i think it’s nice to stumble across a piece of art and just automatically know that you like it without your brain having to feed you the reasons why. art is definitely in the eye of the beholder (anyone ever hear of the dada movement? if not you should definitely look it up), and this shirt has already printed, so that’s that and if you don’t like the shirt, just let the sales do the talking.

SUCH a great t shirt design, love it

Even if the concept wasn’t entirely original, or it was previously printed on teefury, the execution is still pretty awesome. I think that’s what got it printed, along with it’s popularity on TF.

congrats! :D

Guys, stop being jerks and congratulate the guy. He actually gets PRINTED. coughtwicecough

I saw your print for this available on urban, I was just wondering if we are able to sell prints of an image once it has been printed or do we have to get special permission for that as well? as far as i can tell the image is still the property of the artist and can be used in other contexts after the shirt is printed, i was just wondering if someone might clarify that for me

Im relatively new to the site.. im just trying to figure out the logistics

more Larges PLEASE!!!

I bought one. The print looks amazing.

the funniest tshirt i’ve ever had! thanx :-))

more larges please

Is those shirts all gone? I can’t seem to be able to order it, but I see a lot of “SOLD OUT” signs there :(

please REPRINT!!

please reprint!!

whoa, thanks for the reprint!! I did going mad to get this tee, and finally here it is :)
after all, having this page opened and refreshed (nearly) every day did get a good use.
it’s an instant buy for me

I got this shirt off of Teefury. I love the design. Yes it’s a bit pop culture but I thought it was done in a very unique way. Kermit X-Rayed. That’s awesome!

But I don’t like that it showed up again on this site. Part of the appeal is that these designs are supposed to be limiteds. It would be bogus if they started bouncing designs back and forth between sites. Teefury is advertised as “One new super limited-edition tee every 24 hours”. Is it really THAT limited if it’s gonna show up on the other site a few months later?

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