sandalo sandalo Artist from Espírito Santo, Brazil

Look this: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/66366?page=1

gloopz gloopz Artist from Brooklyn, NY, United States

great piece dude, deserves a print! +1

voyager9 voyager9 Artist

you always make the darnednest illos animabase! voted!

ScarlettVeith ScarlettVeith Artist from United Kingdom

Yellow or oatmeal? Yellow, it suits me better ; ) +1

hrrrwabell hrrrwabell hrrrwabell :) awesome stuff :) I’d wear it on a diffrent shirt color.

Manibou Manibou Artist

this is amazing. great illustration. +1

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Thanks for votes and comments~

venenkel venenkel Human

Great illustration, oatmeal for me too!

danielmss danielmss Human

Wow Great~~~so good..I want to buy it.

Way too intense.

kharmazero kharmazero Artist from France

this design deserves a print, very original treatmant for animals tees, you do great work

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of


sakshamputtu sakshamputtu Artist from Karnataka, India

nicely done. +1

zebra4 zebra4 Artist from United States

One question. WHAT’S KEEPING THIS FROM BEING PRINTED LIKE RIGHT NOW?!! One of the few animal shirts i like. By the way, congrats on today’s print

renee_nault renee_nault Artist

Awesome, I love this! +1

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

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