all your work is cuteness..reminds me of ‘tokidoki’,
+1 from me,
do vote for my design ‘SeahorseFlight’

bafocomics bafocomics Artist

nice man, pretty nice

DrStein DrStein Artist


lucaspinduca lucaspinduca Artist from Brazil

great colors! ho ho ho e uma garrafa de rum!

Ceddyishman Ceddyishman Artist

Wow this is great! reminds me of Streetlight Manifesto! you know their songs?

fabiofavaro fabiofavaro Artist from São Paulo, Brazil

Acho essa fantástica!

fabiosimple fabiosimple Artist

bom pra caralho

hahaha, very nice!

mrjosh mrjosh Artist

Ceddyishman – I don’t know, I will research. :D

Dara Dara Artist

very cool illustration, i just wish it was bigger.

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

i disagree, i like the placement. its different.

Toom Toom Artist

Estamp Foda!!!! $$$

denull denull Artist

wow you’ve got big chance to win :)) Very nice illustration

Most winning prints here are big, nice to have smaller ones too

mrjosh mrjosh Artist

thaks all

JoMo JoMo Artist

this is great. love your palette and your characters

Pixelholic Pixelholic Artist

i love your work, i hope you win!


fabiland fabiland Artist from Mexico



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