oh, and i think sleepwalkclothing is legit. you should check out his website. He does a lot of stuff by hand too.

ding8891 ding8891 Human

don’t let sbomher get to you. everyone knows art is completely subjective. not everyone can do or wants to do every kind of art. it doesn’t mean one is better than another. some people will like your shirt and some won’t. history shows that the greatest art is OFTEN the most controversial and difficult to grasp.

the comment about english is low and is meant to make you feel like a child. be the better person and ignore him.

voted cuz that packeranatic douchebag WISHES he was better than sleepwalkclothing!!!!!!!

oh… and i actually didn’t vote…
the scrotum is HILARIOUS... but thats freaking disgusting.

voted! sooo wierd in a great way! wouldn’t wanna stand under that pig! vote: artsyfartsy09 thanks!!

Wow. This is hilarious… yet beautiful! Haha!

jasan jasan Human

Good job, you got my vote

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