ianvox ianvox Artist from cebu, Philippines

congrats kabayan :)

ritzh ritzh Artist from Philippines

nice congrats sir!

ams1327 ams1327 Artist


D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Oh wow, you are killing it!! Congrats on your 10th! hope to get that many prints one day .oD

You are awesome! Rock on!


nicebleed nicebleed Artist from Cebu, Philippines

congrats! :)

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Another print! Congrats!

chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

wow two prints in two weeks! That’s awesome! Congratz!

Mabuhay :D

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

Thanks all! Please pick up the shirt!

Kontrast Kontrast Artist from Alberta, Canada

Awesome! congrats.

CardinalGoldstein CardinalGoldstein Human from Arizona, United States

Nice. Would of preferred it w/out that little dude, but its a nit, so I’m getting it nevertheless. This would be #6 of my Collisiontheory collection. Amazing.

dotd420 dotd420 Human

the “little dude” is what makes it. very cool!

I agree about the nitpick with the alien. I don’t want to have people thinking I’m one of those conspirator nuts. BUT I do love the design and the alien looks like its hard to see. So I ended up buying the shirt! Can’t wait to see it in person…. the alien :P

Edwin_ Edwin_ Human

bought! and if you reprint ‘chasing star trails’ and ‘reclusión perpetua’ in small or medium ill buy them for sure

matteyer matteyer Human from Pennsylvania, United States

this is on ript apparel today:

looks a little too similar in my opinion

What requirements have to be met to ‘bring back’ a shirt? This one has my vote if all it takes is customer feedback. I wanted this one when it came out, but neglected too long. Now I check back once in a while to see if reprints were made. Please do!

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