killer_meowmeow killer_meowmeow Artist from State of Calamity, Philippines


I think your website is very easy to navigate and nicely done :) Great shirt too!

jo6769 jo6769 Human


kurifodo kurifodo Human

Looks great! Will this be available in Small sometime in the future?

Igors Igors Human

Great work!

Oiseau Oiseau Artist


IceCreamMan IceCreamMan Artist

Your website is frightengly over-creative, to a fault, and really difficult to use. It’s not smooth to navigate at all and I was excited to see your work after seeing this shirt. I plan on buying the shirt, but I was on your website for about 9 seconds before closing it out in frustration.

Way over-thought. Cool shirt, though.

daynah daynah Human

I really love this design. Wish my size wasn’t sold out. :)

mewlink64 mewlink64 Human

I just got this shirt as a random Serendipitee and I like it a lot. Good design OutwardCreative.

Zzaman Zzaman Human

I’ve bought it!

Bibiana Bibiana Human

reprint :)

wicked cute!!! Great job!
I have a question…..Im not having much luck with the template thing. Do you have some templates I could use? I downloaded the whole package but it’s only the images of the models. I’m new here and I find it difficult to design on just the model. I have the easy template, but it’s only for one model for male and female. Could you help me?

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