Helldemonik Helldemonik Human from Florida, United States

Hooray!! I was able to get this reprint today… and it was actually in my size and wasnt sold out like the small and the large. Im a happy man!!! =D

kelvs kelvs Artist from Australia

I’ve been wanting this shirt and ‘fallen industry’ by BeadlerWorks since the first day I found out about DBH. I’m so happy both these shirts have reprints at the same time! I have the artwork as my iPhone wallpaper too in fact. Great design dzeri29!

Helldemonik Helldemonik Human from Florida, United States

So i finally got this shirt and i must say that i love it so much more in person!! It looks great on me. Im very glad my girl was able to pick it up for me. =)

i loike it, please reprint for men s size

sroth116 sroth116 Human

reprint mens medium please

HeyYiJulio HeyYiJulio Artist

mahnn i missed the reprint a while ago :(((( ,,hopeing for a reprint again :D

barkerja barkerja Human

Hoping for a reprint!

This really needs reprinted!!!!!

Reprint Please I would like To buy this Tshirt

Reprint? :D

pepitas pepitas Human

I like it!!!

RePrint Please!!!

Reprint please!

Please reprint!

22ofME22 22ofME22 Human

for the love of anything sacred REPRINT THIS!!!!!

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