Awesome idea!! I really really want this t-shirt!

Good concept , i would vote this but the drawing is really ugly, sorry xD
So will vote the 4th design, i ll follow your others works man!

Thanks for your feedback, it’s alright I love honest people! :) :D

Congratulations for creating hundreds of fake accounts to vote on such an ugly project. Respect.

I clicked from an artist group from facebook he shared on his designs, sorry that your polish friend doesn’t have the support :/ don’t create such slurs like that.

@Mishalim LOL, who is my friend? You are quite a hypocrite, don’t you think? You commented that Framerald design received votes from fake accounts but when your favourite / friend / whatever receives votes in the same, suspecious way you try to defend him. Keep on going, you are doing it very well.

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