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@clingcling Thanks!

Amazing, i want that shirt!

I always find these kind of design something beautiful, the best thing about them is the fact that they are simple, and sometimes, when you have already saw tons of complex designs this is something that makes your eyes have an orgasm. Keep the hard work!

Gems, stones, is true, good inspiration man, nice job!

One of the worst designs. Not interesting, with bad chosen colors. I don’t think that anyone would buy this, it’s just ugly.


Daje brò, ti faccio dare altri 10 voti!

Obivously cheating! You get nearly 100 vote in less than half an hour as the others gain a little. Shame on you! Also a fake account commenting below that it will give you ten other votes. Atleast if you decide to cheat, make sure you wont get caught. DBH please remove this cheating entry for a fair race!

@Mishalim Ehm nope, i’m promoting the post on my page, instagram and “copy past” the request to vote at my friends and friendlist everyday.
There is an investment. Others are growing up their votes much faster than me, please stay easy man.

Great job with 500+ of fake accounts. But it’s a ridiculous try to promote such a crap design. :D

@Blach Repeat: I use facebook/instagram insights and promoted posts. € 50 weekly on my fb page and copy-paste the vote request at my friends and my friendlist of Fb. Is easy.
Is very sad see your salt against one.
Ah and the votes dont make one the winner, decide DBH at least, then STAY CALM everyone.

Incredible ugly, made from laziness project. Good that you are cheating because I don’t believe that anyone would vote for this design.

@mldeny I already told that i gain votes with promotions on facebook and instagram, is very easy and is not a cheat.
Ive much followers and friends that share my projectsif i need. Im sorry for u r salt.

Simple and clean, nice!

Like it!

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