netMaDMaN netMaDMaN Human

i like it +1

natakuchad natakuchad Artist from Cebu, Philippines

your best sub yet ive seen here in DBH...cheers mate!

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Unique ! +1

gnakook gnakook Artist

Really cool. Vote

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

totally dig this one!! fave.

Love this one +1

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

¤Thz a lot fo the kind comments guys¤

kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Very nice one ! +1

great design!

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

thx alot guys!

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

@LeahG :
yes, i’m freelancer, if you’re interested, drop an email for me, we can talk about it ;)

Dadoff Dadoff Artist from CA, United States

Very nice! I would like to see the smoke breathe over the shoulder and the image a little smaller. Still… +1

deyaz deyaz Artist from Indonesia

semoga dapet!! +1

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

@dadoff : thx man, glad you like it
@deyaz : aminnn bro! hehe

glaze glaze Human

Great illustration! Great colors. This should be printed.

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

@glaze : thx alot man!

@dadoff : thx for the vote! :D

aangita aangita Human

well, I hope this one wins… but if this is just for males it will make me very sad! (because it would be like i voted for nothing!) good luck! :)

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

@aangita : thx for your kind comment, :)

RobinRozen RobinRozen Artist

cool! +1

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

thx man!

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