Nice design! Looks like a 5-string bass to me…

gnakook gnakook Artist

awesome design! +1

stringles stringles Artist

yea wicked. mirror effect might not look as good on the tee tho. cool nonetheless

Thats sweet

hell yeah! Bass rocks

crbshiv crbshiv Artist

its cool n hot…...+1

Bass does rock, so does this shirt.


This is SUCH an awesome idea!! Great job!! +1

TheBeef TheBeef Artist

Thank you :)

capmorel capmorel Human

very cool ! I am a bass player and would love to see this one win !

Andyoflove Andyoflove Artist

nice!! i like. voted
If u like check out

maraelisa maraelisa Artist

SUPERB ILLO ……..voted!
check mine out!

Your prints need to be printed so I can buy them… Because… I love you.

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