k-a-r-e-n k-a-r-e-n Human

Well… I’ve just been thinking about buying one tee, but this makes me feel I do not want to support such plundering. By the way where is the DBH team’s comment on this issue? I don’t see the official recognition this is mojoncio’s work, either.

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

@k-a-r-e-n http://www.designbyhumans.com/forums/show/728672

k-a-r-e-n k-a-r-e-n Human

@Oddeti: I have already read this,
“From what I understand, they are going to change the description of the tee to say that it was a collaboration between myself and mojoncio, which I am 100% fine with. “ – I’ve never seen the DBH’s official statement or any change in the description whatsoever…

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

@k-a-r-e-n uhmm…check the description again…

johnypogo johnypogo Human

please reprint this shirt in men’s size medium.. its so beautiful.

please reprint this in women’s SMALL!

yddaki yddaki Human

reprint pls, Male L

Please reprint Male Mediums, I’ll definitely buy this!
Please and thanks ~Namaste

Shezam Shezam Artist

how come there’s no mention of the collaboration????

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

look n the “description” area about the shirt. It says it right there.

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