_S3_ _S3_ Artist from Montreal/ QC, Canada

nice i like it

ealmasy ealmasy Human

Very interesting piece. Could we see what it looks like straight on from the front? Both photos have the model standing at an angle so you can’t see one side of the design very well.


congrats man! picture had me thrown off a little bit though. for some reason the models zipper made it look like the front of the shirt was tied at the bottom…idk i have shitty eyesight lol

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

congrats man… i like it

BeeryMethod BeeryMethod Artist from Illinois, United States

yeah, whats going on on the models right side of the shirt? a tank, a bush, a body?

eakkar_84 eakkar_84 Artist

really cool design!

nicebleed nicebleed Artist from Cebu, Philippines

congrats! :)

mexats mexats Human


Pwnd Pwnd Human

Reminded me of Call of duty! Awesome _

Wow I love the night sky! This is a great design I hope it will get reprinted in small!

damn it … had in my cart on monday night but got distracted so never checked out … now it’s wednesday morning n my size has been sold out

DJ_Tsunami DJ_Tsunami Human from United States

aw wtf! i was gona buy it NOW same hppnd with me scorpio…. fml dammit reprint like NOW

CoochisCosmic CoochisCosmic Human from MA, United States

i really like this one, hopefully they will do a reprint soon.

DJ_Tsunami DJ_Tsunami Human from United States

i really WANT THIS SHIRT! reprint or ill kill someone x)

Awesome shirt….. REEEEEPRRRIIIINT!!! lol

KDavis KDavis Human

If any shirt needs to be reprinted, it’s this one.

+1 for reprint

Packeranatic Packeranatic Artist from Illinois, United States

Ahh yeah! Reprint!

Sluggor Sluggor Human

yes, reprint Ive been patiently waiting to make an order, this shirt is amazing i think i need to go to re-hab for t-shirt addiction,talking to the wrong people.

Chim Chim Artist

I’m goin to order it today…. gre8 work dude!!!

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