sasabudi sasabudi Human
evachu said: looks amazing. i really love the colours :)

is it just me or does that male model scream d-bag

oathsoblivion oathsoblivion Artist from CA, United States

big ass lions face… got this in the mail and i’d have to say that im rather enjoying the design and color added to my wardrobe. :) Good job!

I’m sure they visit this website, that’s a bit harsh opposition-If you’re going to make remarks about these models, would like you to respectfully keep it about their attract-ability or lack there of, or how his appearance reminds you of vampires-No Emo comments, those just annoy. Character assessments aren’t cool unless we have a feel for the person based on their comments- Me, I’m a perv, a fool, tendency to be a douche-bag but only when I’m tired/lacking energy. You wouldn’t tune into that TLC (hope I’ve got that right) show on the Little Miss Princess and say “She radiates future whore potential”, when in fact it’s the parents whose character should be judged…God they really do abuse the faces of those children with make-up.

A tiger head is a classic picture but I love all the artworks with angry tigers!
Congrats on the win looks very cool :D

nice work…
examine and vote for my work

I just bought this shirt and I have gotten many comliments on it already! I LOVE this shirt! Well done my man. Very pleased I bought this shirt! Keep the designs coming!

p.s…this female model here is straight up gorgeous =D


I already ordered one of this and can’t wait to rock this one!!! great job.;) BTW...wats the name of the girl model? im falling in love with her.;P

mjbriner mjbriner Artist

over the top. oh so sick!

love this design, love colour on black

rohicks rohicks Human

I was skeptical buying this last week, but it came in the mail today and I’m pleased with the purchase. Looks pretty good in person.
Thanks for the design, I dig it.

willPS willPS Human

Damn. Looks phenomenal. In the pic, it has more white, this has more green. But, I’m wearing ATM, looks friggin tremendous, A+. Flex both your biceps, the tiger gets angry. hahahaha

I think i wanna get this shirt for my bday..i just love it soo much!!! :D

20 on may 18th :P

Rkdoo Rkdoo Artist from Bucharest, Romania

nice one.

crazy..love it so much!!

am-y am-y Human from Singapore

I bought this shirt and the print can hardly be seen – looks nothing like the image shown on the model. Very disappointing:

arnaldoim arnaldoim Human

We need Mens Small Reprints ASAP!

ziplex ziplex Human

Mens Med Reprint please!

Intrepid Intrepid Artist


ziplex ziplex Human

C’mon, reprint…

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