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Man! you have a excelent style. funny designs, good colors, lines and drawings. excellent!

Great character :)

My fav… +1

that’s how I looked the first time I tried (unsuccesfully) to solve the Rubik Cube.

That character cracks me up! awesome expressions and all. I can feel his desperation myself! haha

Looking awesome in red. Voted, obviously!

haha nice!

great illustration, love the color choice as well.

haha very cool

haha great one! +1
check mines too

mr rubik is awesome!

Like your style…this one’s my fave.

Hahahaha like it~~~~+1

this style is so…i fugn need this! it would be a great addition to dbh’s arsenal too. the color, the placement…i am really digging it. great job.

woot! voted
check out

Thanks a lot!

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