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wow I love this… print all the way!

crazy composition!! this design a lot. Although it reminded me of imaginary foundation..and a few others designers’ work here at DBH. But i think all components pull in well together and i like everything about this tee. I’d buy this;) Voted..

me gusta! buena composición!

me gusta as well.


Very cool. +1

Thank you everyone! @iggi_09 tis true, imaginary foundation has always been a great inspiration for some of my work!

Love this. Very nicely done.

Me too.


Rad style!

I would buy it, lovely! +1

this looks nice! +1

Thanks guys!

thumbs up ! +1

awesome work conor!



Kind of getting tired of silhouettes of guys with top hats, but this is still a nice shirt. +1

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