Jefferex Jefferex Artist from United States


reprint please

donfens donfens Human from Virginia, United States

straight up simple and brilliant. reprint large and we’ll talk. 1 in 1 win, nice!

brend85 brend85 Human

reprint please!

Reprint please

martin360 martin360 Human

Reprint please …

felz felz Human

reprint please

savudin savudin Human

I love this one, please reprint.

reprint mens!


Ronit Ronit Human


Reprint possible? I’m really in need of a medium.

Oski Oski Human

Most likely the best Swiss style T ever! Please reprint men’s M.


Please reprint Men’s medium on mint. Thank you!

Reprint this dammit!!! We need more shirts designed like this too. Unique and crispy.

Soviet Soviet Human

reprint medium please!

Ronito Ronito Human


andresqs andresqs Human

reprint pls!

twlll twlll Human

I love the design. Colors are perfect – green is my favourite shade. Thanks brilliancy!

The only thing that mars the clean and simple design of this is the printing process. I’m not sure if my shirt was defective in that sense, but the print doesn’t follow along the line of the side seam all the way. There are parts where it veers off and the printing is a bit iffy too, with some minor smearing. There are also a couple of faint splotches on the main green/grey panels too.

I would send it back but it’s too much trouble for international shipping. Plus I’m not sure if the new replacement would have the same problem. So I’m just gonna enjoy the shirt as much as possible. Hope they fix these production flaws which really take away from the design.

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