leakeg leakeg Human

nice one matt!

JayDz JayDz Artist


voyager9 voyager9 Artist

zack de la rocha! hell yeah! +1

shivarat shivarat Human

accroche toi matt bise barbara

Very Good Man!

Helllllll yes…. Great art, great expression and composition. +1

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Crazy illustration!! so expressive I can feel his hate/rage/anger/passion, oh my this one is a must have. Awesome work dude!


EmilioDossi EmilioDossi Artist


Matthhaeus Matthhaeus Artist from Bordeaux, France

Thank you everyone ! I’m glad you like it.

Darkcook Darkcook Human

Awesome design, from an awesome friend!

sozprod3D sozprod3D Human

sympa la creation!!! 20/20 :D

slaptheass slaptheass Artist

rage again ,,,,, back a live,,!

rafayanwer rafayanwer Artist

amazing stuff

Matthhaeus Matthhaeus Artist from Bordeaux, France

Thanks for the support ! Appreciate it :)

OolongTee-Yummy said: Nice! I wish Zack De La Rocha would get back into Rage Against The Machine, they will never be the same without him.

They made a reunion tour in 07-08. Saw them in Paris…best concert I’ve ever been to. I really hope they’ll get back together for good.

Matthhaeus Matthhaeus Artist from Bordeaux, France
joopit said: is that the fat, hairy dude from “The Hangover”?

nope, this is Zack De La Rocha, activist and singer in Rage Against The Machine

Ninn Ninn Human

Good luck !

leakeg leakeg Human

definitely going to be buying one of these if it gets in!

lagus lagus Human

A voté... Bien à contre coeur parce que je n’ai trouvé rien de mieux :p

Rage Against Babylon System! Apréci a li dalon!

Nice shirt, I want to buy it for everyone.

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