wow, nice painting!

Very pretty design. +1

Wow!! excelent ilustration! you win. +1

lovely… well done!

do something about the sleeves

Wouldn´t wear it but the print would be amazing for people who like that style.

Beautiful, I think this works so well on a Tee. I want one :-)

Visually captivating, the eyes and smile evoke lucid serenity and presence; the pose suggests curiosity and spritefulness.

Nice illustrating!

i like it….not sure it works on a shirt. would be a killer print though. :)

great illo! you need to change the color of the tee to light blue or turquoise though :) +1

Thank you guys for the kind comments, I’m thinking now that the print needs to onto the sleeves and may be use a lemon color tee instead as I think turquoise might be too dark? What do ya recon?

I think the turquoise is brilliant, the lemony would be more subdued ~ personally I’d choose the turquoise :)

Try it on both shirt colors, and show us the picture so we can choose.
In any case, this is really pretty.

lovely art +1

Sick! love it +1

yeah i dig this sub best luv the lines it makes with the sleeve+1

cool!!! voted check out http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/67470

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