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That’s pretty friggin’ nutty

Not my style, but still cool how you morphed the design.

Now this is pretty frickin visionary and no one is voting for it. nice concept and i can see the total image. way different than everything else that’s been posted lately.
Voted +1

Hi…I’m Reymart Dizo, taking up Information Technology at the Parañaque City College of Science and Technology. our Professor in C.G.I-1 subject required us to have an interview with a graphic artists or designer..Can you pls. answer this questions…
Name: Age:
1. Name of School or College attended:
2.What is the name of the company you’ve been working now?
3.What is your position in the company?
4.What is the nature of your work?
5.What kind of software you usually use in creating pictures and graphics?
6.Who / What influences you to become a graphic artist/designer?
7.What are the accomplishments you received in being graphic artist/designer?
8.What do you think are the advantages on being a graphic artist/designer?
9.Do you consider your moods or feelings in designing or creating pictures/graphics? Are you moody? Why?
10.What are the tips can you give on being a graphic artist/designer?

send it to dizo_reymart@yahoo.com
i need it tomorrow…
thanks God Bless

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