UomoNuovo UomoNuovo Artist

Incredible level of detail, you are great! +1

Aphte Aphte Artist from France

Great !

voyager9 voyager9 Artist

whoa! lovely design, voted!

bidonkid bidonkid Artist

eye of the world…crazy draw :) ...super

MokuMoku MokuMoku Artist


Madmadman01 Madmadman01 Artist

aw, that’s a sick one!

DesignLawrence DesignLawrence Artist from MI, United States

wow. that’s one twisted sick illustration. love the overall look. you got my vote.

UomoNuovo UomoNuovo Artist

I hope they print this, is an incredible drawing if I could I’ll vote 100 times!

wowwww, crazyy!!!

go-avi go-avi Artist

freaky :D

Shah Shah Artist

Looks nice on shirt..+1

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt


kilky18 kilky18 Artist

If the shirt printed like the display I would wear that till it was in tethers, awesome +1

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Wow, that design seriously kicks ass! I’ve been catching up on the last weeks submissions today and this is by far the best one I came across so far! Absolutely awesome, I can’t put it into words (but I sure can put it into votes! +1)

graphicult graphicult Artist

this one’s in a league of its own.. impressive!!! +1 +1 +1

tommy_surya tommy_surya Artist

sick! gnarly! wow!

Xeltius Xeltius Human

This is a very interesting concept.

Octodream Octodream Artist


gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

Must be printed!

jeremiahwasa jeremiahwasa Artist from Queensland, Australia

wow, that is ridiculous

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