junioraltoe junioraltoe Artist from Brazil


JakeRojas JakeRojas Artist

Wow what a sick design, would definitely wear it!

nicksimon nicksimon Artist

Sick! I’d buy. +1

ha yeah! nice one! voted!

timeedee82 timeedee82 Artist

mj is classic

graphicult graphicult Artist

nice work man!+1

graphicult graphicult Artist

nice work man!+1

Xerty Xerty Artist from France

Nice one, looks great! (don’t need the “MJ” I think…) +1

reiiz reiiz Artist from SP, Brazil

Great lines and color! +1 =]
Please take a look at my design, and vote if you like, here is the link

koivo koivo Artist from Russia

scary! +1

go jako! +1

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

hehe, creepy! but very nice, I like the turquoise/red combination, I use this a lot with channel separation for VJing! +1, great illustration

sirolf sirolf Human

Nice. Dont like the MJ text though.

natakuchad natakuchad Artist from Cebu, Philippines

this is a win!

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