aman aman Artist

Wow, I love this!

reyyy reyyy Artist


wehoRob wehoRob Human

I don’t understand the popularity of this design either. It looks like something I saw in a souvenir shop in Hong Kong.

reyyy reyyy Artist

PS: Thanks everyone who has constructive things to say.

jajuka jajuka Human

What’s the deal? Is this not getting picked just because it was on boingboing.net? I admit that’s where I saw it and I signed up just so I could vote for it. Now I’ve been coming back here every day expecting to be able to buy it finally and no go. I bought one of the other Buddha shirts available in the meantime, but I’m still waiting for this one.

p3hrmne p3hrmne Human

this isn’t a shirt yet?
i really love this design. it’s an awesome picture of Buddha with vipers and stuff behind him, but it doesn’t jump out at you so it’s not too distracting of a design. the colors and design blend into a shirt very well but when you really look at it you can see something very awesome and special. i love it.

i actually came to this site today hoping to buy this and your ‘gundang gritty’ shirt, but it’s not set up yet :(

Mymil Mymil Human

p3hrmne and jajuka: it takes longer than a few days even for popular designs to get printed and made available for sale. For example, February 1st’s design ( http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/detail/1550 ) was submitted December 12. If you don’t want to keep having to check back, you can just wait to get the newsletter. They send one out every week with all the designs that were printed in the past week.

bogoio bogoio Artist

is this a shirt already?

dwas dwas Artist

thats pretty wicked. i hope it gets printed. you have my vote.

elfortunawe elfortunawe Artist

This is great, I would wear this. And thanks for the kind praise on my Naiad design.

kidokay7 kidokay7 Human

I’d wear it in a second
and not just beacuse i’m a reyyy fan
because it’s a bitchin’ buddha shirt

Thewhit Thewhit Human

I luff Reyyy. I check back on his site every so often, and what a surprise. I’d love to wear anything with his art on it, wewt.

pppunk pppunk Human

Ignore the haters. I joined just for this shirt, but just through rey’s site.

JohnEvans JohnEvans Human

Please start making this t-shirt :)

Peace, love & Jack Daniel’s,


shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Print this killer already!!

clayface clayface Human

dang… a medium print sure would be nice…

this is so sick print some more!

BeeryMethod BeeryMethod Artist from Illinois, United States

great work mang…another Seattlite kickin out the goods…that’s what I like to see!

this needs to be reprinted

lanatino lanatino Human

wish there was a large dude! i would deff buy it then

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