Kaeonadai Kaeonadai Human

Great design. I came from Boing Boing. Registered only to vote for this shirt.

baja318 baja318 Artist

yeah, how do you have 100 votes in 1 day for this?


Mymil Mymil Human

Holy cowwww… I’ve never seen a design submission anywhere get Boing Boinged before?

When does the competition close? I want this!

Dara Dara Artist

yeah fake accounts much for sure.

phoenyx phoenyx Artist

it dont look good in my eyes, sorry but i cannot understand it has so many votes…. the propaganda seems to work

Dara Dara Artist

yeah the propaganda works, but this is definitely something I won’t buy… there is already some buddha shirts already for sale here. i just don’t get it.

sonmi sonmi Artist

omg y’all shouldn’t be hatin’ just because this is getting a lot of votes!

this is still sweet, and it’d look awesome with gold ink

deathsauce deathsauce Artist


Dara Dara Artist

i’m not hatin’ i’m just saying i would’t buy it… ie. – not my style.

kbauthus kbauthus Artist

this isn’t something i’d wear. that being said, i still think it’s a pretty sweet design. and what’s with all these people jumping on this for the number of votes it gets? some people are going to vote for it because if Warren Ellis likes it, it must be cool, but i suspect most people just like the design. how is it that the designs that get voted way up into the top 5 that have ZERO thought or effort usually get a pass on the hating, but this design, that actually seems to have had some effort/time put into it gets people riled up?

Mymil Mymil Human

I don’t see all that much hating… maybe some, but there’s also some confusion from people who didn’t read the comments saying that they were referred by Warren Ellis and/or Boing Boing. And I’d like to mirror reyyy’s sentiment that the increased traffic for DBH, no matter the source or reason, is good!

hahahahaha intense

SteveOramA SteveOramA Artist from Colorado, United States

good job!

mize mize Human

Votes = Win, right? It’s ok to not like the design, it’s not for everyone, but why is it bad that apparently over 100 people DO like it? I’d wear this shirt, and Gundang Gritty, too. They’re just sweet designs, and they’ll have people askin’ questions. Personally, I was referred to THIS particular design by Warren’s site, but I was referred to Gundang Gritty through Reyyy’s MySpace. I know he’s wanted to rock some shirt designs for awhile, so I’m super pumped he’s doing it, and it looks like it could be made! Viva Reyyy!

ice5eyess ice5eyess Human

I like it, this design would probably catch my eye even if it wasn’t by Corey.

zuvembi zuvembi Human

Personally, I wouldn’t have found the shirt if I hadn’t seen it on Boingboing (I’ve never seen DBH before). It’s a shame that people somehow think that because it got linked out to higher profile sites it somehow invalidates it.

It suits my personal predilections nicely. I plan to buy at least two shirts if the design wins.

grimZ grimZ Human


DaChasPi DaChasPi Human

This is good stuff

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