Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

Nice I like it!

Nhokhi Nhokhi Human

Very nice…. I’ll compete with you, whenever i have time to design. hehe :D Goodluck

kahkimleh kahkimleh Human

This piece is an art!... I so love it.!

akiross_25 akiross_25 Artist
Snowy said: Nice I like it!

thanks for appreciating ,

ladygago ladygago Human

woah wat can i say?? it’s fab and pretty.. (lyk me) <3 it!
muah xx!

Is the tattoo included in the design? :P Good job Jeny! :D

oi pnu b mgvote dito hahahaha

oi pnu b mgvote dito hahahaha

2Trell 2Trell Human

Good job and good message! Definitely voting.

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