apack392 apack392 Human

I really like this Mike! I like how the shape goes along with the WW2 monument. Love the WW2 monument! Great job!

dudley53 dudley53 Human

I’ve been there. This is terrific. Nice tribute.

bglen046 bglen046 Human

this is really moving

andtrip andtrip Human

wow, very monumental in design, keep up the good work!

david david Human


david david Human


lhill678 lhill678 Human

love it! my man is soooo creative!! i love the placement of the design and the big stars above it! great work!

cwhit590 cwhit590 Human

love it

jacharr jacharr Human

Good call, man, good call

loopy20 loopy20 Human

this is really great. really moving.

pfink pfink Human

Cool design, Mike. A fitting memorial to those who died for this country

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