Yay I voted, great tree Joe! Love to Chris and Abbey , Cindy

joebilicic joebilicic Artist

These are all valid and well spoken opinions randypenird and I will take them into account on future designs.
Who said old dogs couldn’t…......
and I’m sorry, if I knew it would have made you perfect if I had lost the borders and
made it more forboding, I certainly would have obliged !
(Please reread randy’s fine comments above if this comment made no sense to you.)

marepka marepka Human

Great job Joe!!! Love your work – (aunt) Margo

Very Cool, Joe.. It almost feels alive!!! Great design…

Tableto Tableto Human

Hey! This came out looking really awesome! The concept of making the tree carving a pumpkin is really cool.


Oh! And about your question earlier—about changing the size dimensions?
I think you’re totally right~
You could probably make it a bit smaller, but the details that you put in might end up being compromised if it’s shrunk TOO small. (It could also potentially make it a bit more difficult to make the details out too~)

But anyways, I personally think it looks really great now. Awesome art, like always!

Awsome Joe, very cool tee!!!

Deadajes Deadajes Human

Amazing art! wow

hey joe—

my vote’s in…

awesome as always


Oh wow…this is so awesome…..

Loveitt Joe this is really cool. (+1)

I think this shirt design is the coolest thing ever!
Ha ha!
It must win!

YAY!!!! Joe I love it… You kick ass as usual!! hope u win sweetie! ox :)

OmarO OmarO Human

I quite like it, but it needs to be waaaay bigger. Look at the other winners, they tend to take the whole shirt instead of just the center.
Also I think those circles in the background would be unnecessary if the picture’s bigger.

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

very nice! +1

this would really look great as a PRINT! nice work!

Raxip Raxip Human

Oh my gosh! That is insane!
I hope you win, cause I’d buy that shirt!

Raxip Raxip Human

Oh my gosh! That is insane!
I hope you win, cause I’d buy that shirt!

Great design!

boobins boobins Human

Man, this looks awesome. Good luck!

TheLion TheLion Human

Hey Tin Man,
Nice work, good to see your creativity, and some noodle cells still in working order…
The Wizard and I just briefly discussed this, and the general consensus is to lose the chic cuz she takes away from the picture size. For better viewing space, and maybe add a lower candle to shed a little reverse shadowing or highlight around the carved pumpkin and the lettering below, then put a twinkle or two in the stars and you’d have a winning masterpiece.
Oh, and a shout out to ScareCrow and you…
Quit digging through the carpet, indica went bye bye long ago, and it only makes it harder to catch those damn flying monkeys…! lol… Peace…! It’s a cool concept… Good luck…!

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