MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

i worked at the office every day, from 9am to 7pm, and continued working on my freelance submissons from 8pm to 1am.. just wonderin, u don’t call it as a real job? sheesh….

While being an artist is a “real job”, slinging mud and accusing folks of not having legitimate votes is not. It shows poor attitude and lack of artistic community.

jakeseto jakeseto Human

This is simply amazing. ;D

I love it – not as scary as the nightmare inspired others to vote for…I love the candle

Erie, yet not too frightening. I find it almost mesmerizing- conjures up images of the swamp thing meets the giant squid , as an evil octopus looks on. Great work!! Keep them coming. Check out Red Bubble for another display avenue.

labyrindira labyrindira Artist

i like the idea +1 ..
submit more stuff dude!!..

CRAIG1199 CRAIG1199 Human


fox-elf fox-elf Human

I love this shirt! Its freaking amazing! D:
I would buy one! for real!

Shuko Shuko Human

Word to the Pumpkin

I would wear this tee in a heart beat…dig it Joe!!!

Joanie928 Joanie928 Human

Wow I am really impressed. That is just to cool!!!

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Impressive illustration. The tree looks simply awesome, very well done! But I don’t like this background too much, maybe putting it on a shirt without it would enhance the overall look.
Still voted, cause it’s a great job! +1

Ariock Ariock Human

really sweet :) +1

deso35 deso35 Human

whoaw nice.. childish but really like it.. it’s so unique you can wear it even though it isn’t haloween yet :)

Twave714 Twave714 Artist

Well done. Love the self-carving feature. Funny thing is, I didn’t want to submit any of my ‘very’ original ideas, thus I submitted my Rasta_Ying_Yang… that happens to have a skull with crossbones. Too funny. Great work. love it. I promise my next piece will be sans skull or zombie… I do have some zombies as well. :)

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