Lalacx7 Lalacx7 Human

Love the tone and style. Definitely getting this one! Congratulations!

lenus lenus Human

This T-SHIRT i have at home ,
i am very disappointed because this T-SHIRT is made of POLYESTER ,
and the picture on shirt is not on right place !
This Company lies .

Sorry its very stupid system , we were lied .

My sister got this shirt for me for christmas and I was too stoked.
I’ve got a bunch of compliements from people at my university
and I sent them all to DBH.com, so much respect to the designer.

Wow, this is an awesome design. Kinda wish it was still available in my size. Excellent work!

jerasky jerasky Artist

I bought this! I love it!

Sonza88 Sonza88 Human

Large Please : )

AModernMyth007 AModernMyth007 Artist from United States

I still need to pick up this shirt.

rodoneill rodoneill Human

Reprint XL!

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