Whats, “Life will Change” mean in this design?

DoAcuna DoAcuna Artist

So cool!

pretty sick, just the yellow is somewhat disruptive… :(

shiiba_art shiiba_art Artist from United States

Uh oh. I smell a ‘rip’ here.

This design is suspiciously similar to Sylvia Ji’s work:



She’s one badass artist and as a fellow artist I’d hate to see her stuff being appropriated as someone else’s ‘original work’.

sneakyfox2 sneakyfox2 Artist

Hi everyone! Thanks for voting. Life will change simply means to stay positive even when it is hard. You never know what is around the corner. All respect to other artists. I never ripped off anyone. I lost someone very dear. The Day of the Dead and Mexico holds a special place in my heart as I am sure it does for many others. No artist can claim exclusive right to portray this tradition.

Suxa Suxa Artist from United States

Yup, its true no artist can claim exclusivity on how to portray a tradition. But, man the similarities of Sylvia’s style and design are really obvious.

Can’t believe Design by Humans accepted this entry… aren’t they suppose to be “really” strict. >_>

sneakyfox2 sneakyfox2 Artist

Well, I fail to see the similarity between my work and the design and style of the one mentioned above. Try google or flickr for Dia de los muertos, and you will find loads of pics of actual people, men, women and children with this type of facial paint according to tradition. Before and after:


I guess with your reasoning no one should even draw a line, cause it´s been done before. If you don´t like, don´t vote.

joebilicic joebilicic Artist

I think this is a perfect example of “lateral thinking”,
With a VERY COMMON portrait style ,although both well done, I have seen dozens of different portraits like this over the years.It may not be as common in the usa.
I think it’s great when an art community protects each other.
Sometimes people just have the same idea .
Seen any zombies or skulls lately? That’s the good old usa, we all use them!
I would have to say the components are similar but those are very familiar design
components for this ethnic portrayal.
and the art styles are different!
I think ,if anything, the design may not make you feel halloweeny enough.and it’s always good to try to advance your ideas into a more unusual design.
I did the pumkin tree, check it out and give me YOUR ramblings.

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