I want to buy now.

Rauth Rauth Artist from Paraná, Brazil


fats0 fats0 Human

I’m with Jo-E

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Really cool design! I’d print it a little bigger, maybe even overall, but I like it a lot. voted!

I was thinking about the placement too Askhari, this version an improvement?

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

absolutely, I like it a lot more!

jhat jhat Human

Awesome colors! You don’t see too many pastel designs that look good, but you pulled it off!

lastsoundtrack lastsoundtrack Artist from Canada

cool. +1

zhinzhin zhinzhin Artist

love it +1

NeoScotty NeoScotty Human

Yeah, I want one too!

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Interesting design!

asaule asaule Artist from United States

improved placement way better!

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