slaptheass slaptheass Artist

nice face … +vote

vanestan21 vanestan21 Artist

nice +1

gzmnrd4j gzmnrd4j Artist

Thanks for the votes! I accidentally posted this for the 10k when I just wanted it for the daily. But when I saw the H3 I thought it would be fitting.

My Vote – Good luck, cuz I want to buy this

carlibux carlibux Artist

Great design! one vote from me!

gzmnrd4j gzmnrd4j Artist

I’m guessing because the winners on this site have changed the name of the game. To win nowadays you have to pimp urself out and promise ppl free shirts if you win. I feel like the thing that made this site so special has been lost. It shows on the latest winning shirts since the beginning of the summer. I used to see like 20 shirts i liked and now i only see like 2 or 3

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