Leise Leise Artist


kornographe kornographe Artist

Cute and nice !

NahDutch NahDutch Artist

GREEAT Design +1
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alnavasord alnavasord Artist from Colombia

great ilo..:)

LukeBatten LukeBatten Artist from Australia

purpleglovez, nice piece, style is diff to most of the stuff on here. cool.
check my design out if you like.

purpleglovez purpleglovez Artist from Wales, United Kingdom

Sorry for the bad quality background immage guys :S I do have a much better high-res vershion of this picture, which would be allot more like the design on the t-shirt ^^’

zombryn zombryn Human

I hope this one gets through! :)

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

I like the drawing very much, but I think you could have done better on the placement – it’s a pity it’s stuck in the bottom, it leaves the shirt so empty…


Nice art work, agree the placement could cover more of the shirt.

Nice work

Very nice design.

I’d buy it in a heartbeat. :)

Yogin Yogin Human

Want2Wear Badly

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