chili_lely chili_lely Artist from Puerto Rico, United States

i can imagine and it would be cool … i like it … like the color streaks … very retro … :D

blaine blaine Human

Stellar shirt man. Love it! I’d buy 12

scoch711 scoch711 Artist

i love the retro colors! awesome shirt!

david david Human

mike smith you are the man. hot design. i heart it.

lhill678 lhill678 Human

great design! i love it and i want one! i love the retro colors and the modern designs!! this guy is really talented!!

apack392 apack392 Human

Love the Rainbow Connection. ; D

andtrip andtrip Human

dude, how do you think of such outrageously awesome designs? you are amazingly talented and gifted beyond measure!

lunatice lunatice Human

the gods smile down upon you

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