mexmark mexmark Human

zoo york makes a shirt almost identical to this

AModernMyth007 AModernMyth007 Artist from United States

Interesting. Also nice color choice, could look swell with many colors too. +1

creative. i like the colors

if you have a chance check out my designs.


Love this shirt. Keep up the great work !

Shah Shah Artist

Looks nice on shirt..+1

turk1672 turk1672 Artist

Love the design! Good work! Gets a vote from me!

tavutactac tavutactac Artist from France

I’m not a big fan of the poker’s picks but this one works :) ! +1

vanestan21 vanestan21 Artist

1 vote for you :) ...but i prefer if you remove the spades symbol so it will look simplier but its nice :)

NahDutch NahDutch Artist

checkout my design:


waveffect waveffect Human

want this!!!

+1 nice

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