fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

wow! love the illustration! :)

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Love that creature! +1

Reggebah Reggebah Artist

Love the drawing. Would like to see a bit more texture and non-white shirt. +1

rawr of awesomeness +1

azzrizal azzrizal Artist

how to post image her in comments? the usual img src? or?
need to upload other options of tshirt colors!

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

Cool tee! Like the style! (but perhaps there should happen something more on the T.. like a knight fighting with it, or like a swarm of midgets or santas little helpers! That would fit great with the tee.. 8) But it’s cool as it is too! But I mean could be even cooler!

And oh, I would like to see the back.. if it continues thus far.. that would be cool!

About ur last question (so u can sub a pic with the back): ur prolly right put in and the rest, upload on image shack or the likes!

azzrizal azzrizal Artist

It is a big artwork, with the wings and all. but think it looks better that way i think.
The knight is a good idea though!

Sad this aint getting votes! :)

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

oh the tag didn’t become wisibble i put in the “ < img > tag so it prolly works.. No how it feels man.. sometimes it’s all backwards with some getting all the votes and even prints.. Guess it’s like the saying we have here in Sweden “The taste is like the behind. Split.” (but it rimes in Swedish—>) “Smaken är som baken. Delad”. ..Whohoo, a tiny Swedish lesson totally free of charge..

Anyhow think people vote on like face value more than the actuall quality and work people put behind the shirts.. what they think is intressting or nice to wear.. But have a look on my “fox/Mac Gyver themed T”.. shouldn’t it have more votes what ya think? I like it. My friends like. Don’t get it.. Guess people who win promotes their design quite alot to their friends/blofs (in some extent at least – I have to but I have to lazy friends.. ^^).

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

Know* Visible*

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