bafocomics bafocomics Artist

this is nice!

Aphte Aphte Artist from France

Mr. Fox is cool.

pacman23 pacman23 Artist from Florida, United States


I need this shirt… The detail is incredible, the idea is fantastic!

smhw_stpd smhw_stpd Human

this shirt is pretty rad! would definitely buy it :D

This is solid shirt. I’d rep it.

i love yawn!

elwray elwray Human

is he thinking what i’m thinking? mmmhmmm…

slitwrist slitwrist Artist

Nice mischievous mr. Fox :)

ilovecigni ilovecigni Artist

thats one of my favourite! +1

jjdiamo jjdiamo Artist

i think the glasses need to be a bit smaller and maybe hand drawn. but i like it. +1


the glasses actually are handdrawn. i think you can see it better in bigger ;) thank you though :)

DeeDeeKid DeeDeeKid Artist

yeas looks really nice!

Yeah! Awsome! Wow! Nice! I love that fox!

You did an awesome job.This one is my favourite shirt.

tomasl9 tomasl9 Human

make this a tee please :)

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