eluzix eluzix Human

like it!

Maximsh Maximsh Human

It is very light and graphically perfect

taly taly Human
arn’t we all sometimes sad and thinking? touching in its simplicity!
Shah Shah Artist

interesting concept… voted

Simple but very nice +1:)

amitm amitm Human

very nice

Rokko Rokko Human

+1 :)

shlomis shlomis Human

I really love the design

shaked shaked Artist

10x everyone I m really glad u liked it!!

mingxin mingxin Human

simply is beautiful :)

veredgr veredgr Human

i liked the design for it’s minimalism and yet full of expression. well-done!!!

Ru-Yi Ru-Yi Human

I will be the first one to buy !

ArtRios87 ArtRios87 Artist

I like the front, I dont digg the back. its still conving enough so +1

huazhen06 huazhen06 Human

even it make me feel sad ,but I like it

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