bktribals bktribals Human

It looks good, I’m rooting for you Gilbert.

SweetMona SweetMona Human
Wishing you all the best,keep up the good work.
ferretula ferretula Artist

it’d help more if you gave me a vote.

jwBalsley jwBalsley Artist

Damn, that’s cool! +1!

Slapdash Slapdash Human

Awesome. Just too good. +2

TangYauHoong TangYauHoong Artist from Malaysia

it’s great!

DWallz DWallz Artist
ferretula ferretula Artist

thanks everybody, this is my first design, im happy having more votes than zero.

DoAcuna DoAcuna Artist

hey i really like this! love the shading!

Dsign Dsign Artist

WOW, nices design !

Shah Shah Artist


Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Nice drawing, but I think you could improve the placement a lot by extending the texture over the whole shirt – it looks a little cut off on the top of the shirt.
Also, I think the bot itself should be either a little smaller or a lot larger, extending over the edges of the shirt – it looks a little randomly placed like that.
But the linework is very well done, I think you really got some talent! Keep drawing, Cheers!
(+1 for the motivation ;] )

ferretula ferretula Artist

i actually had nothing to do with the shirt composition, i just drew the design.

melodylee melodylee Artist

nice illustration i think without the shade can look better :D +1
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