Mymil Mymil Human

I thought that was what you were going for; I like it! What I meant was that I can’t tell what the magenta and blue elements are.

Nice! I really like your composition

pantufla pantufla Artist from Santiago, Chile

Thanks! Oh ok, sorry… the magenta and blue elements are parts of the same… the mixture, cold and warm, something casual… and rescue the idea of hand made or manual work… do you understand? y know that my english is not very good…

Mymil Mymil Human

I wish I could tell what’s going on besides the woman with the headphones, because it looks interesting!

pantufla pantufla Artist from Santiago, Chile

The idea is represent the mixture that exists in some cultures, where still indigenous exists but that they are not like before, have adapted to the society… some like that…

The name (Neo_Aymara) it beacause Aymara is a old civilization of Peru and Bolivia.. she is an indigenous but mix with modern society (headphones)

I hope you like it, and sorry, my english is something mediocre…

alvarejo alvarejo Artist

wena! hay que rescatar nuestras raices

Great! we have to save our cultural roots

Rathaus Rathaus Human

Sehr interessant ich mag wie du alte und neue Elemente mischst…Es ist ganz wichtig die Kultur in verschiedenen Arte zu zeigen… viel Glück!

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